C h i n e s e  m e d i c i n e  f o r  a l l   a g e s

Singing Bird Acupuncture LLC is a healthcare practice dedicated to offering effective, safe and thoughtful Chinese medicine to persons of all ages.

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Andrea's strong desire to practice Chinese medicine emerged from the knowledge, empowerment, good health, and vitality she herself gained through... (read more)
Get your health back on track at Singing Bird. Feel better and progress toward optimal health with Portland acupuncturist and herbalist, Andrea P. Fisk, as your guide. You can finally get a handle on your difficult symptoms via the unique power of traditional Chinese medicine.

  • Are you frustrated, stuck and suffering from long-term chronic illness and looking for a natural alternative?
  • Do you need a natural way to boost your immunity and prevent frequent illness?
  • Are you concerned about drug side-effects and looking for a way to reduce your intake of prescription meds?
  • Are you looking for a healthcare professional to lead you on the path toward healing and overall good health?

It takes time and commitment to overcome chronic illness, but with the expert support of a caring acupuncturist and herbalist you can make significant gains toward optimal health. You can find relief for persistent symptoms and get treatment for the root cause of your illness at Singing Bird Acupuncture LLC in Portland Oregon.

We take care of you by:

  1. Carefully listening to your concerns and directly addressing your symptoms.
  2. Using traditional Chinese medicine theory to recognize and treat the underlying cause of your problems.
  3. Providing education and guidance in making lifestyle changes that support long-term health and vitality.
If you are ready to take the next step on your journey toward optimal health, call Singing Bird today at 971-344-3393 to discuss your health care needs and set up your first appointment.

if you place the green bough in your heart, the singing bird will come. — chinese proverb